Thermal-Vac Technology is ready for the extreme environments, and exacting tolerances that make aerospace applications incredibly difficult. From Vacuum Heat Treating to Aluminum Dip Brazing we have the necessary services to ensure that your equipment can handle the exact tolerances for space and beyond.

Ranked First

Thermal-Vac has proven itself to be in the first rank of brazing, plating, heat treating, and coating providers to the aerospace industry. We are approved by NADCAP for brazing, and heat treating.

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Approved and Compliant

Compliant with ITAR,. We provide key components for rocket engine nozzles and injectors. Thermal-Vac is a leading source of Silicide coating, injector plating, alloying, assembling, brazing, and heat treating. We are approved on all major engine and launch systems.

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Key to Success

We offer a highly skilled team of veteran engineers and contract managers who will work with you in all stages of the project to assure that success is designed-in, planned-in, and built-in. If exotic methods or materials are required, our R&D staff can help you determine which will work best for your needs.

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Quality of work and passion for what we do is what drives us.


Thermal-Vac has received certified recognition by these top accreditation programs.

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