Thermal-Vac is a proven, trusted provider of brazing, heat-treating, Nickel plating and coating services. We are leaders in aluminide and silicide coating.
NADCAP has certified us for our outstanding compliance with standards and process control. NAVSEA approves us as a supplier, as do many prime defense contractors. We are ITAR registered and virtually qualified for any job.
We work with customers from project inception through delivery to assure success in every stage. Our management of resources, materials, and WIP permits tightly integrated processes and unbroken chains of custody. We do things right.

How We Do it

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Other Brazing Services

We pretty much do it all

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Aluminum Dip Brazing

Aluminum Dip Brazing

Super precise & cost effective

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Proud Moments: Tomahawk Missile


Thermal-Vac has received certified recognition by these top accreditation programs.

  • Heat Treating