The One-Stop-Shop Difference

When Thermal-Vac was founded in the mid-1980’s, we focused on solving some of the Aerospace industry’s trickiest manufacturing problems by providing high-end brazing services. Other businesses might have chosen to stay specialized in that niche market, but we took a different path.

Over the years, our customers encountered new challenges requiring new solutions. Sometimes our customers required the need to join materials that demanded a type of brazing we didn’t have in-house. On occasion there was an urgency for a completely different service, yet our customers couldn’t find a vendor with the right set of expertise, quality control, and service.

As the crucial needs of our customers grew, Thermal-Vac decided to expand. We didn’t stay specialized in one niche. We chose to become specialists in everything.

The result is a one-stop shop for a bulk of the manufacturing work our customers do. Why is this important? It begins at the start of a project and carries through to the final product. Here’s how:

  • Engineering. Thermal-Vac is unusual in the industry for having an in-house team of engineers (five at last count) who work with customers to solve technical challenges that might otherwise make a braze fail. Customers routinely bring our engineers product concepts involving new materials that can’t be brazed the ordinary way. We solve challenges like these all the time. In addition, our engineers verify the components are designed and fabricated to ensure the final product will meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Tighter Schedules. Being good at lots of things means Thermal-Vac can get a project done without requiring intermediate transportation steps. Every time a component gets shipped from one vendor to another, precious time is lost. Many of our customers use our nickel-plating capabilities in advance of a braze. Our heat-treating customers love to use our copper plating services because the two processes are completed inside our nitride facility.
  • Consistent quality. Having everything under one roof means our processes are completed following a comprehensive quality control standard. Our obsession with quality is infused into every part of our operation. Multiple in-process inspections, over 50 cameras monitoring parts at every phase, and compliance with Nadcap and AS9001 standards deliver spaceship-caliber results for every project.

Thermal-Vac has built its business by constantly exploring better ways to solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges. If your business is struggling to find a vendor who can deliver reliable results on time, or you just want to talk about a novel problem, give us a call. Our engineers love to talk shop.


Thermal-Vac has received certified recognition by these top accreditation programs.

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