What Sets Vacuum Brazing Apart from the Rest?

Brazing can solve many different engineering problems, but not every brazing method is alike. Vacuum brazing can be more expensive than in-air alternatives, simply due to the complexity of the equipment involved. But it is often the right solution when parts need to be reliably clean, if there are large quantities, or to compensate for specific characteristics of the materials to be brazed.

Here are a few reasons why vacuum brazing is preferred over other brazing methods:


Clean parts right out of the furnace.

The clean finish is a key reason many customers turn to vacuum brazing for their parts. In other types of brazing, parts are exposed to the air during the process. When brazing is conducted in the open air, oxygen in the air will cause oxidation of parts, and other chemicals and particulates in the atmosphere around the braze will create discoloration and introduce impurities on the surface of parts.

Some customers are building components that are not intended to look pretty. Even artists have found appeal in the patterns of rust and exotic colors that result from torch brazing in standard atmospheres. But when parts need to be brilliant and clean—medical devices, precision aerospace parts, and so on—vacuum brazing is the answer.


Joining demanding materials.

Vacuum brazing is often the right approach when working with exotic materials. Joining parts made from materials such as Titanium, Inconel, or Niobium require specialized methods to avoid discoloration, embrittlement, alpha case, excessive grain growth, and worse. These specialty materials are absorbent and will be affected by contaminants in the processing atmosphere.

A thermal process conducted in a vacuum furnace environment controls against many of these problems in exotic materials. Producing titanium parts that are free of alpha case is routine work for an experienced heat treating and brazing operation. Working with a more difficult material like Niobium often requires additional engineering steps, such as the use of specialized shielding. But done right, the end result is reliable and clean.


Thermal-Vac provides comprehensive brazing solutions

Vacuum brazing is in Thermal-Vac’s DNA, having been the company’s core competency from the start. Our customers—from the most demanding industries in America—rely on Thermal-Vac to deliver consistent, tailored results. To learn more about Thermal-Vac’s complete range of brazing and heat treating services, give us a call today.


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