Thermal-Vac Sends New Faces to the 2020 MTI Yes Management Training Program

Staying on top of new and developing trends and maintaining a strong network of colleagues are keys to success in any business. From showcasing innovations in heat treating technology to exploring the latest trends in managerial and leadership strategies, the Metal Treating Institute’s (MTI) YES Management Training Program brings together up-and-coming leaders in the heat treating industry to enjoy an engaging, interactive, and educational experience throughout the year.

The Thermal-Vac team is proud to include several YES Program graduates. Last year, Thermal-Vac congratulated Special Process Manager, Christian Gallardo, after completing the course. In 2020, two more members of our team, CEO Heather Falcone and Director of Quality Guy Burnett will participate in the program. 

Kicking things off in Austin

The first session for Heather and Guy was held in Austin, TX, on February 19-21. Over those three days, they would engage with other heat treating industry professionals on special plant tours and in daily seminars covering everything from team-building exercises to informative leadership strategies. 

“We had fun getting together with people from other shops, comparing notes, and visiting facilities that support the work we do,” Guy said. “We toured a heat treating facility that’s a lot bigger than ours. They’re not focused on aerospace like we are, but they have a larger scope for certain things, like testing, that we can learn from.”

Climbing a new mountain 

Heather and Guy have worked together for years, but they’re also practiced travel partners. Last year they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together. This year, they’re joining forces to tackle the YES Program.

Guy started at Thermal-Vac as a quality control inspector after initially applying to be a maintenance technician. He took over Heather’s spot as Director of Quality when she became CEO, so they understand each other in many ways. “Guy is my right-hand man,” Heather said. “He lives on the bleeding edge of progress. He’s always reading, always pushing buttons, making different noises go off. He never stops. Seeing that come out in a room full of other people was exciting.”

The MTI Yes Program emphasizes the soft skills business leaders need to get the most from their teams. Heather said, “They structure the program to mostly be about taking care of your people. It’s about teaching you to be better for your team and what the payoffs are if you’re more human.” 

Heather draws lessons from Guy’s approach to challenges. He studies how things work rather than controlling the details of a process.

For Guy, the program’s team-building exercises presented an opportunity to apply his approach to the people in the room. “The exercises were lengthy and complex. Everybody had to play a part. We got to see how people really are.”

Camaraderie and networking

Heather and Guy appreciate the great networking connections the YES Program provides. 

For Heather, the new connections they’ll build with their classmates are key to building a stronger industry. “MTI links the industry together across the country and builds connections between businesses that might not otherwise be there. Our experts are aging. MTI provides a great forum to bring in new people and get them excited about the industry and its culture.”

Heather and Guy agree that the YES Program can be a gateway for new people to embrace heat treating. As new people come in, they’ll bring fresh ideas and new perspectives that the industry needs to thrive. 

Heather and Guy are looking forward to the three remaining sessions in the 2020 MTI YES Management Training Program. Thermal-Vac encourages anyone interested in learning more about heat treating to check out MTI. Have questions for us? We’d love to hear from you.


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