Why Brazing Takes Time

In today’s fast-paced world, expectations keep growing for faster delivery of just about everything. A service that a decade ago might have taken a month to deliver could be turned around today in a week. In some industries, the right mix of technology, process design, and logistics can deliver adequate results even in rushed circumstances.

From time to time customers ask the team at Thermal-Vac for a rush brazing job. Whether it’s for a prototype on its way to a trade show or a batch of parts for an urgent delivery, our answer is usually the same: rush jobs aren’t something we do.

Done properly, brazing takes time. In Thermal-Vac’s brazing process, an investment of time is required to accomplish several things:

  • Adherence to industry standards. Every brazing project Thermal-Vac takes on is conducted in compliance with the aerospace industry’s AS9100 standards. The strict quality control requirements of AS9100 leave no room for cutting corners. Regular stop points, numerous inspections throughout the process, and consistent involvement by the entire team in every phase of a brazing project requires time.
  • Dedication to reliable results. One of the habits we’ve developed working on aerospace and defense projects for four decades is treating every project as though lives depend on it—because most of the time they do. We would never let time pressures compromise our process during assembly of a medical implant or engine components. Power turbines can be just as dangerous if they aren’t built to exacting standards.
  • The cost of getting it wrong. With speed comes an increased risk of a brazed joint coming out of the furnace with unacceptable voids, cracks, or other inconsistencies. A brazed joint usually can’t be separated. If the part isn’t suitable for its intended purpose, starting a project again with fresh components may be the only option. Not only does starting over require expensive replacement parts, it also likely blows through the rushed deadline that created the problem in the first place.

The best solution for getting a brazing job done on time is to bring your brazing house into the process as early as possible. At Thermal-Vac we like to be part of a new project from the design phase. Our process begins with our engineering team to ensure consistent, reliable results – but please, don’t ask us to rush.

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